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The Process of Realising your Ideas


At Studio Crafted Furniture we realise your dream kitchen, bespoke furniture or functional cabinetry.

Contact our studio and talk to us to make your vision a reality.


Let us discuss your needs and we will work out the best solution to fit both your needs and your resources.

A picture or a sketch of what you have in mind is a good start but not required. Once we have an idea of what you need, we can start with the design. Here, more is better. Having as many details of what you want will make it easier to do the planning and costing. Tying down as many variables as possible allow us to make an estimate of costs and usually ends up more economical.



Overall design. what the item or project should look like

Sizes and dimensions?

Function; what the project aims to accomplish. A chair should be comfortable and strong

Design feel. Elegant, or chunky, rustic or modern, rough or smooth or both.

Materials, timber types, colors and stains, possible other materials.

Finishes. Gloss, satin, matt or rough-hewn, unfinished, etc.

Access to the proposed location. sometimes the design may be influenced by how difficult it may be to get the project to the desired location.


Once we’ve sat down and discussed your needs, we will send your quote. This includes Plan and elevation drawings as well as required detail drawings.

Please note that changes may affect the quote.

Once the quote is accepted, a deposit of 50% is required for manufacturing to begin.

Lead times are stated in the quote and are estimates. once the deposit is received, the project is production scheduled and a more precise date can be given.

To reduce delays during the manufacturing of custom pieces, small changes may be made to the approved design to improve the aesthetics and/or function. SCF retains the right to use its discretion to make a better product.


Once manufacturing is near completion, SCF will confirm a delivery option or installation, date if this has not been done already.

The balance of payment is due before delivery or installation.

We can send pictures or you are welcome to visit the studio to inspect your commission.


Studio Crafted Funiture has the expertise and craftsmanship to minimize any risks that go with ordering custom furniture.

All good must be paid in full before delivery.

Custom pieces may not be returned.

All goods are fully covered by our standard guarantee.