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Studio Crafted Furniture, a brain-child of Balthaser Bührmann, started in 2009. But, Balthaser’s passion for woodwork started a long time before this.

Balthaser was born into a design-oriented family. Already as a youngster, young Balthaser was sketching, designing, building and tinkering. In high school Balthaser was able to hone is craft in woodworking class, winning best project three years in a row.

Balthaser studied engineering, then spent ten successful years in sales, but his hands were itching to create.While working for a woodworking machine supply company, a whole new world opened up.

“I felt like a child at a fun fair. . . with tickets.” – Balthaser Bührmann

In  2009, Balthaser committed and started Studio Crafted Furniture with the intention of making artistic and functional furniture. Specializing in hand-profiled, organically shaped solid wood furniture.

At the core, the business was started by producing bespoke, commissioned sophisticated furniture with elaborate details. This remains one of our passions due to a love for exceptional craftsmanship.

The business evolved to produce more mainstream furniture and built-in cabinetry to satisfy a broader customer base, while still focusing on quality craftsmanship.

Wood is a strong, durable, flexible, renewable and beautiful resource that can be shaped into functional and attractive items. Balthaser wants to bring furniture to life, utilizing wood only from sustainable sources as primary medium and adding material from acrylics to metals to create a perfect piece.

Balthaser understands wood. The flow of the fibers, weaknesses and lasting beauty. Wood is also temperamental, there are do’s and don’t, rules that have been proven to reward when kept and punished when broken. Knowledge through experience and learning is key to making lasting pieces.

Taking cues from nature to create forms that interact with the user in an effortless and natural way.